Printer Rack Display

I love this old printers rack I picked up at Aberfoyle Antique Market recently. I was planning on using it to hold some antique alphabet stamps but decided it would be a great display piece instead. Now I'm having fun filling it with odds & ends that catch my interest.


  1. nice find, its beautiful! i love the letters sitting in there. i also just found your blog, and i love it too ! :)

  2. I was thinking, a dangerous thing, if you could cut to size of some of the larger squares,some of the beautifull card jobs you have done in the past and past them on the back of the squares.Just a few favorites maybe.
    I do think its a wonderful piece, you will have fun filling it up.

  3. the directions you could go with this are endless, just like the compartments.


Thanks so much for your comments!

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