Thursday, September 30, 2010

Etsy Finds

Some sweet, cheerful finds found on Etsy I thought I would share...

1. The "Perfectly Imperfect Pendant" from Her Pretty Bird
2. A perfect little pilllow from Baby To Go
3. Pom Pom Flower Ornament perfect for party decor! from Tracy B Designs
4. Inspired by a paper doll...fabric doll from Baby To Go
5. Happy art - personalized wall art from Pilli Pilli Handmade
6. "She liked to rustle her red crinoline" from Janet Hill Studio

Babiekins Model Cover Contest!

Babiekins Magazine is looking for the next model for the Summer 2011 issue. That means it’s time for you to send in your favorite picture of your little one!
Send in your pictures and then the judges over at Babiekins (including me!) will pick their favorite 10. Then tell your family and friends to vote once a day for who they want to see on the cover. Winner will get a photo shoot near them and will also get to keep all the designer clothes used in the shoot!
I'm thrilled to be invited by Babiekins Magazine to be part of a panel of judges for this contest.
To enter child must be aged 9 months (by December 6) to 10 years of age
Interested? Visit for more information.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Giveaway on Holiday with Matthew Mead

I am so thrilled to be hosting a giveaway on Holiday with Matthew Mead.

Be sure to reserve your copy of Holiday magazine. I cannot wait to see the magazine in print!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


On Sunday, my world was forever changed. As the sun rose that morning, my dear, sweet Mom passed gently away.

It was like a whisper as I held her hand. I breathed a sigh of both relief and sorrow. She had suffered and now it was over.

For the past two years my mom has battled a recurrence of breast cancer. It was only in the past 4 months or so that it began to overtake her. Even so, her courage and will to fight this horrible disease never faltered. She wasn't ready to go. She had much to live for. She loved her family and couldn't bare to leave.

The last weeks were very difficult, especially the last few days. Every day I lost a little bit more of my Mom. It was the most painful week of my life. A good friend once told me that people don't realize how horrible breast cancer can be. I know I didn't. You can't possibly until you have borne witness to it.

The past few days I have experienced an unbelievable outpouring of support and love for my Mom. She touched many lives....

Today was her funeral. It was a true celebration of her spirit.
Three dear friends of my mother spoke of her with such eloquence, emotion and love. I will always remember their words. Thank you.

My mom was my biggest fan. I hope she knew I was hers.