Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fimo Critter Home

My daughter is a budding Fimo artist :) With their growing population they were in need of a safe home. My Dad came to the rescue with this sweet little cubby just for the critters.

This would be a great D.I.Y.

He used a shadow box depth picture frame for the box and added wooden slats. He added one of my daughters doodles as a fun background.

Now her Fimo critters have a happy little home!

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  1. These are adorable!

    The critters are really gorgeous, it makes us happy to see our STAEDTLER FIMO turns your daughter's creativity into something absolutely beautiful :)
    We have just discovered your gorgeous book marks made of STAEDTLER FIMO!
    We'd love to meet you on our facebook fanpage - it would be great if you became a fan, too, and showed the critters on our page.

    Hope to meet you soon and best regards from STAEDTLER headquarters in Germany, Yvonne


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