Friday, January 28, 2011

Little Stitches

My daughter is taking a sewing class with her girlfriends at a local sewing shop. It really is the cutest little shop, filled to the brim with supplies. It is run by a friendly couple exuding old world charm and lots of knowledge when it comes to needle and thread. Perfect for curious little girls keen to learn but without the required expertise at home.

And so I was inspired to pull together this collection of sewing goodness. Doesn't it just want to make you pick up a needle and thread and create!

1. This is the most perfect piece of vintage machinery. Who wouldn't want to sew with this machine on your table? Vintage Pink Sewing Machine from

2. Hand screen printed on natural organic cotton these small cushions are perfectly playful for a child's room. If you want to sew your own pillow you will love her line of hand screen printed fabrics. Shapes and Things Small Cushion from

3. Little needles have found the perfect home inside this charming hand printed sewing needle case from

4. A combination of vintage and recycled materials combine to create an inspiring piece of wall art. Off to See the World from

5. I'll be packing Isabella's sewing notions in a basket just like this perfect vintage basket from

6. I am in love with the new line of jewelry from the lovely The Calico Necklace No.2 might be just the right gift for someone who likes to play with fabric.

7. This is just like a little box of candy! A fanciful box of vintage buttons from


This collection has me feeling enthusiastic for the fresh colours of spring and summer!

Inspiration for spring is just around the corner at the lovely blog Holiday with Matthew Mead. You will find all sorts of spring and summer popping from the pages of their new Summer Holiday with Matthew Mead Magazine on sale now! Drop by and see what the Holiday Team are up to. They are a friendly bunch oozing creativity and inspiring ideas!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Memory Keeping

Displaying and storing special mementos and ephemera ...

I'm always on the lookout for vintage boxes, jars and interesting pieces that can act as storage and an interesting display.

My large collection of vintage mason jars make ideal vessels for holding bits and pieces from special holidays.

These jars were filled with seaside treasures such as sea glass, shells and pebbles from a trip to Prince Edward Island this past summer.

Using a variety of jars, whether vintage mason jars or large size storage jars, will create an intriguing display for cherished treasures.

Create a striking display by grouping multiples together on a shelf.

Glass Storage Jars can be picked up at kitchen supply stores. You can often find previously loved jars at thrift shops. Choose a big jar for larger photos and mementos.

Collectors box

Create a special box of memories using old photos and personal mementos from loved ones.

This collectors box holds a fun vintage photo and other treasures from my grandparents including my favorite; an engraved bracelet that reads, “this guy belongs to me… hands off Isobel”

Use pins and double sided tape to hold photos and vintage curiosities in place.

Modern Tin Box

Round, aluminum watchmaker tins are adhered to the inside of a collectors box and filled with little memories. The tins are adhered using double sided tape. If you are filling the tins with heavier pieces you may want to consider using hot glue or another adhesive to make sure they hold well. You can find tins such as these at Lee
Valley Hardware.

Wooden Cubby

I’ve repurposed a small wooden box to hold special keepsakes from a romantic trip with my love.I lined the inside of the box with pretty Japanese paper. Use double sided tape or glue to hold the paper in place. When you are finished filling it with lovely little bits wrap it up and give it to the one you love.


There are so many objects that you could re-purpose as memory keeping displays...

- Antique printer trays make great displays for interesting objects.
- Prop a vintage soda crate against a wall and fill it with special mementos. Each cubby becomes a memorable vignette filled with specially curated objects.
-Vintage baking tins become interesting tabletop displays of personal collections.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A work in progress...

I realized I never did share any photos of Isabella's bedroom so while I had the camera out today I thought I'd snap a few ...

It is still a work-in-progress as I haven't sewn the curtains for her armoire or turned her closet into a mini art studio.

I'll post some more photos again soon.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year!

Happy New Year friends!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

I've reflected on this past year a lot lately and it has had some wonderful highs for me professionally and sorrowful lows for me personally.

2011 brings a fresh start and I have rediscovered a few things about myself that I plan on exploring further.

...I have rediscovered a love of writing. My vehicle (for now) is this blog. I plan on spending more time blogging and continuing to contribute to other blogs and online magazines. must be genetic, but I love photography (my brother is a talented professional photographer, my dad and grandfather are/were talented hobbyists.) I would like to explore the art of photography this year.

...prop styling for parties I've contributed to magazines has been fun. I love that aspect of a shoot and want to do more!

Personally...I plan on rediscovering my treadmill and get back to a healthier more energetic me and going to bed earlier..I'm a real night owl :)

I wish you all the best with your dreams for this new year!