Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vintage Finds ...

Driving back from my Great-Aunt's 90th birthday celebration this weekend we stopped at an Antique Market just off the 401. I picked up this great vintage cocktail glass caddy and glasses. It was a bargain at $20. I can't wait to serve drinks on my patio - if the snow ever melts!

I found these sweet vintage chocolate molds in my mailbox this morning....ordered from Etsy

I plan to use them to make Easter chocolates with the kids.

I'm hoping it will be a fun alternative to decorating easter eggs this year. Just to change it up a little bit. What easter traditions do you have in your house?


  1. very cool glasses/carrier and adorable molds.

    we always have a little egg hunt for our boys on easter morning followed by brunch. very small, just us, but fun and cozy.

    happy bunny-making! i'm sure they will be cute and yummy!


  2. ooh I love the egg hunts - fun!


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