Saturday, May 28, 2011

lots of fog but no finds!

Confession: I went to the Christie Antique Show today
and I didn't buy one single thing.
Really, not one..single..thing.

I got up at 6:15am, drove for an hour, lined up to get into the park, walked through a farm field and left with nothing.

I'm being super careful about what I bring home these days as we are planning on a large scale reno in the near future (more on that later). I know that at some point anything I bring home may have to go into storage and so I have to have restraint.

The show was good, as usual, but I couldn't really get excited about anything there today.

I did see some lovely things especially furniture. Here are a few shots from the field I thought I'd share with you.

By the way, I love the table (above). I think it might be an old sewing table. Do you see the drawers? I love the wide shallow drawer and the mix of wood and steel. That one was tempting!

a sea of jadite

pretty linens always call my name

this bench would be lovely spray painted yellow!

these are kinda scary looking..

loved this cabinet too..

the end

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cheerful Party Decor

I recently visited Toronto's Chinatown to pick up some decor for my daughter's upcoming party. I was thinking how much fun it is to scour the markets here for cheap and cheerful party decor and favors! Don't you just love these parasols?

A few years ago we had a Japanese inspired tea party for Ms. I's birthday and I used parasols like these as party favors. I'll have to share some photos. Although, they are from my pre-digital camera days so I'll have to scan some if you can believe it!

lovely paper lanterns...
could be a craft for the girls to decorate too

bamboo steamers, wicker baskets, bamboo trays, white name they've got it at Tap Phong Trading Company. A great local source for restaurant supplies and kitchen gear.

assorted papers can be used as table runners or covers.

pretty little boxes can hold treats for the table
or used as packaging for favors

Just a quick post today to share these sources.
Back to filling some orders for my lovely customers at the shop.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Victoria Day Weekend

It's a long weekend here in Canada..the first warm, hopefully sunny one of the season!

To celebrate, I whipped up my kitchen sink version of Sangria, which if I may say so, turned out very nicely. The perfect patio drink.

1 bottle of Spanish Rioja Rose wine
2 cups Italian Blood Orange Soda (President's Choice makes a yummy version available in Canada)
1 sliced Mineola tangerine
1 sliced lime
1 sliced apple
a couple of shots of triple sec

I let the sliced fruit sit in the triple sec for about 15 minutes before I added the rest of the ingredients. Serve in chilled glasses with ice.

Freshly made salsa and tortilla chips to nibble on the side and you are good to go!

Have a lovely long weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In the shop!

photos courtesy of Holiday with Matthew Mead.
Copyright © Matthew Mead

I am so thrilled to have contributed product to the latest issue of Summer Holiday with Matthew Mead. Look at these gorgeous photos!
It started distribution this past week but you can still order your copy here.

I designed a set of paper party goods for Matthew and his team to use for a summer party.
As you may imagine, I'm very excited to see the results.

Just thought I'd let you know that the Summer with Matthew Mead Party Kit is available for purchase from my shop.

The kit includes:
  • custom paper napkins
  • linen favor bags
  • soda labels
  • food picks
  • stir sticks/cupcake toppers
  • gift tags
  • and lovely cotton baker's twine
I'll have more pics and details soon!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day...

And when you need me, put your arms around someone you love
and give to them what you need to give to me...

In loving memory of my sweet Mom...

Happy Mother's Day.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Small Kids Rooms

This week I shared some photos of Julian's bedroom with Ohdeedoh.
I was thrilled to get an email from them telling me that his room had made the cut and would be featured.

It is part of a contest they are running on Ohdeedoh for Small but Cool Kids bedrooms. When I heard about the contest I thought it would be fun to share some photos. His room is a tiny 73 square feet!

You can check out the post and more pictures here.

I often hear people wishing for more space in their home. I'm guilty of that too! However, I thought Julian's room is a good example (I think) of how you can make a small space functional and comfortable.

I would love to hear some of your tips for living in a small space!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Pippi Porch Party!

A fun summer party idea for girls... based on the Astrid Lingren's classic book Pippi Longstocking!

This is one of my daughter's all-time favorite books.

photo: Kelly Smyth

photo: Kelly Smyth

Do you know Pippi? She is an extraordinary 9 year old girl who loves adventure, coffee parties and swedish Pepparkakor ginger cookies.She loves to have parties on her front porch.

I thought I would share some of the images from the party I produced for issue 5 of Babiekins Magazine. You can see more photos and details over at Babiekins Magazine which by the way, is full of whimsical photography and inspiration from an amazing group of contributors!


**A big thanks to Kelly Smyth who assisted me with some of the photography.

**A big thanks to two of the cutest girls for being great sports - it was freezing that day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Golden Ticket!

I'm in the midst of planning my daughter's birthday party which will take place in June. It's so nice to be able to dream of summer and plan a fun backyard bash for her and her friends. I
can't tell you what I'm's a surprise!

I am looking forward to receiving my copy of SUMMER with MATTHEW MEAD magazine. I know it will be packed full of fabulous inspiration for summer entertaining.

I love the fun, creative (of course!) contest that they are doing right now. Did you know that if you order your copy of SUMMER with MATTHEW MEAD by May 6th you may be one of the lucky recipients of a Golden Ticket!

I'm having visions of Willy Wonka..hmm maybe I should plan a Willy Wonka party...

Find more details of the fabulous prizes that you can win below...good luck!

Getaway with Holiday !!!
Head on over to Matthew Mead’s blog ( to purchase your copy of SUMMER with Matthew Mead.
If you order your copy by May 6th, you may be one of the lucky readers who receive a GOLDEN TICKET, tucked away inside of your magazine!
There are ten fabulous prizes (check Matthew’s blog for details) and ONE of those lucky readers will win a grand prize of a $1000 Visa travel card to take you wherever you would like to go!! And visit our website to see the other fantastic prizes you can win (each golden ticket will be assigned one of the prizes)!
Please note, all readers who have already purchased a copy of SUMMER with Matthew Mead have secured their chance to win. But if you haven’t yet ordered your issue, head on over here and get yours now!
You just might be the lucky recipient of one of the coveted Golden Tickets!!!