lots of fog but no finds!

Confession: I went to the Christie Antique Show today
and I didn't buy one single thing.
Really, not one..single..thing.

I got up at 6:15am, drove for an hour, lined up to get into the park, walked through a farm field and left with nothing.

I'm being super careful about what I bring home these days as we are planning on a large scale reno in the near future (more on that later). I know that at some point anything I bring home may have to go into storage and so I have to have restraint.

The show was good, as usual, but I couldn't really get excited about anything there today.

I did see some lovely things especially furniture. Here are a few shots from the field I thought I'd share with you.

By the way, I love the table (above). I think it might be an old sewing table. Do you see the drawers? I love the wide shallow drawer and the mix of wood and steel. That one was tempting!

a sea of jadite

pretty linens always call my name

this bench would be lovely spray painted yellow!

these are kinda scary looking..

loved this cabinet too..

the end

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