Sunday, October 27, 2013

Baked Alaska -- a cinch now that Martha showed me ;)

On Friday, I headed down to the Delicious Food Show at the Better Living Centre. I was looking forward to seeing what foodie inspiration would be waiting for me. Even more so, I was eager to see Martha Stewart. OK. Full disclosure. I was really excited to see Martha.

I've been a fan of her books and magazines since the beginning. Say what you want, but in addition to producing beautiful content for nearly two decades, it is frequently argued that she has inspired a whole industry around lifestyle.

So what did I think?

Martha Stewart signing books at The Delicious Food Show

Martha was friendly and fairly easy going. She shared a few tips about baking, whipped up three delicious looking desserts from her new cookbook (she demystified Baked Alaska for me), told a few stories and answered some questions from the audience. I had to laugh at her reference to her "kitchens" (plural) and that she likes to eat what she grows (because anyone can have a chicken coop and acres of land to grow their own food, right?). 

Overall, I found her inspiring to listen to.  Because if you take a minute to step back (way back) and remember. She was just a woman selling pies and doing some catering before she created her mega-lifestyle empire. Eighty-two books later she definitely has a hold on the lifestyle category. 

What about the rest of the show?

I loved the lobster taco from Rock Lobster! I tried a toffee bit cookie from Moo Milk Bar (yummy) and I sampled lots of chocolate (chocolate's always good). My favorite new food find was ice cream from Belly Ice Cream Company. I tried the Dulce de Leche with Spiced Mexican Chocolate and it was amazing!

I will definitely head back to Delicious next year.


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