Tuesday, June 24, 2014

beach house dreams {Etsy Picks}

Beach House Dreams Etsy Picks

We have a beach house in Prince Edward Island ... that we borrow for a blissful few weeks every summer. For the purpose of this post and a healthy daydream for me, let's pretend it's mine. In my imaginary beachy world these are some items I would gather from Etsy right now.

By the way, if you like these then maybe I should come and help you? We could go antiquing together and find the perfect accessories to make your getaway even cosier. Really. 
Wouldn't it be fun? I'm not joking.

I found all of these on Etsy

Visit my Beach House Dreams Etsy picks page for links to all these picks and more.

1. Vintage framed seascape paintings like these from Amelia Jane Vintage would look great over an old iron bed, piled with quilts and comfy pillows.

2. Lots of great texture in this rattan side table also from Amelia Jane Vintage.

3. This sweet driftwood sail boat from Handmade Beach Craft is a great way to re-purpose found driftwood. Love this idea!

4. Brookside Bungalow's Hudson River Driftwood pendant is fabulous. 

5. Vintage maps would definitely have a home in my beach house. I like this idea from Two Cheeky Chicks to wallpaper the inside of a vintage armoire.

Beach House Dreams Etsy Picks

6. Old clips make great tools to display vintage book pages and prints like these antique fern prints from Shaving Kit Supplies.

7. Antique barometers with the prettiest script and gilding from Paper and Old Lace.

8.  A soft grey goose neck lamp from Homestead Seattle.

9. A collection of antique coral from Shaving Kit Supplies mounted in a shadowbox frame makes for instant art.

10.  This old Captain would look grand hanging on a wall. It reminds me of an oil painting that belonged to my grandparents. Found at Hampton House Vintage


  1. Great finds for a beachy look. Hope you enjoy your time in PEI - I'm headed back home to New Brunswick for 3 glorious weeks later in July. The Maritimes are such a great place to relax and connect back to nature!

    1. Thanks Kelly. I love the Maritimes. It's not home for me but somehow feels that way when I arrive. Enjoy your summer!

  2. Great picks Debra! You are welcome to come and help me decorate my "beach house" any time! I' d love to go antiquing with you - you have such a great eye :)

    1. Thanks Lori :) That would be fun. You must be so excited to get your hands on it!

  3. This officially puts visiting the Maritimes back on my priority list. Love 6 & 10 especially!

    1. Thanks Carole :) yes go to the Maritimes you will love it I'm sure. Thanks for stopping by my blog xo


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