Picking Kitchen Cabinets

So I finally decided. It's been more than 72 hours and I haven't changed my mind. So I think it's safe to make my choice public. I know... the drama.

I finally sat down on the weekend and thumbed through all the tear sheets I had collected of kitchens I love. Although I was certain of the look I wanted to achieve it was the cabinet door that was causing me some grief.
Looking over the pages I had torn from magazines, catelogues and my Pinterest boards really helped to let see the obvious best cabinet for me (ahem.. us).

So the choice is ...

Although I really love the look of the flat door cabinets I think that the shaker will be a better fit with my style. I'm really excited about the finishes we have chosen. I think I've pulled together the fresh, clean, white kitchen I've always dreamed of. But we'll have to wait and see :)

We decided to go with Ikea for a variety of reasons. Probably the number one reason was budget. You can't beat Ikea kitchen cabinets for delivering great style and quality on a budget! Because we are renovating an entire house, our budget had to cover a lot of ground.

I researched quite a few kitchen cabinetry options before making my choice. I really wanted to make sure I was getting the best value and quality for my budget. 

I have to mention Aya Kitchens. I went to their Mississauga location and met with David to discuss our kitchen design. He was great. The customer service was amazing. Their products are beautiful as well. If we weren't doing such a big renovation, Aya would have been a great choice for us. They offer custom kitchens at great price points and the customer service we got was impressive. Definitely check them out if you are planning a kitchen reno.

Other places we looked at for cabinets included:
LowesHome Depot and New Canadian Lumber. They all offered great product for a custom kitchen but were beyond our budget. New Canadian was the exception, they offer kitchen planning services and had very competitive pricing as well. It's worth checking out their store for faucets, tile and sinks.

I'm just finalizing my counter choices and will share what I learned with you next.


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  1. I think that's a great classic choice! I've been redesigning my kitchen and am thinking I will paint our cabinet doors... maybe... lol


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